Free Range Goose


Beautifully outdoor reared Free Range Geese by Great Grove Poultry are moist and flavourful throughout making your christmas that extra bit more special, With geese they are well basted with fat to give them that wonderful goose flavour we all love.

Great Grove Poultry is a traditional family run farm. All of our Norfolk Turkeys and Geese are free to roam around our 35 acres of Norfolk woodland and grassland enhancing a stress free environment.

Using an aged old method of farming we allow our traditional Norfolk Turkeys and Geese plenty of time to grow to maturity giving a far superior quality bird with natural gamey flavours. Everything _is prepared on the farm, graded and game hung in large chillers (minimum 10 days) to make them exceptionally tender, adding all the natural flavours that this type of production depends on.

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