Gluten Free Pigs in Blankets (Pack of 12)


Pigs in Blankets are extremely popular on any Family Christmas Plate, A Cocktail Chipolata wrapped in a whole rash of streaky Full of Flavour and with a Wonderful Smoky aroma From the Streaky Bacon.


Plain Chipolatas – Harveys very own proud 1924 recipe are a robust & meaty traditional sausage made in house with natural skins.

Ingredients – 80% pork, gluten free rusk, spices, salt, water & preservative (E221)


Smoked Free range streaky bacon – full of flavour this streaky is perfect to eat alone or as a covering around your meat.

Ingredients – 98% pork,

Cure – Salt, demerara sugar, preservatives E250, E252, antioxidant E301