Our Farms

Certified Organic

Our main ingredients are sourced from organic farms within our region to make sure our business is contributing to the growth of our regional food system.


Beef (Certified Organic)

Aberdeen Angus from – Astley Farms (near Fakenham). Shorthorn cross from – C.S.Van Beuningen – Ash Farm Bintree.


Pork (Certified Organic)

Duroc cross Saddleback from C.S Van Beuningen – Ash Farm Bintree.

(Coen Van Beuningen has open days for the public to walk around and see the farm every 4th saturday in May and every 4th Saturday in September).


Lamb (Certified Organic)

Texal cross Jacob.
Martin Durie – Camp Green Farm – Stowmarket.
Suffolk cross Texal.
Astley Farms (near Fakenham)


Label Anglais (Free Range)

Chickens – Label Anglais (award winning poultry) from S.J Fredericks – Temple farm – Royden – Essex.


Venison and Game

All our Venison and Game is sourced from within Norfolk.